Posted 3 weeks ago

Mmm. Paleo crab cakes.
Make these!

Posted 1 month ago

Lettuce Wraps.
Ground beef seasoned with minced garlic, cinnamon, allspice, S&P. Topped with Ewephoria sheep milk gouda.

Posted 4 months ago

Miso Soup, I used tempeh in place of regular tofu and white onion instead of scallions.

Posted 4 months ago

Stuffing “Egg Foo Young”
Egg Foo Young is one if my favorite Chinese dishes. Unfortunately, I can’t eat it at restaurants any more. The only thing this version tastes like it is missing is the bean sprouts.
Heated up left over stuffing on the stove top, threw in a couple eggs, and topped with left over gravy. Everything is gluten free of course.

Posted 4 months ago

Cod with Chinese 5 Spice.
Coconut oil, Chinese five-spice, salt. Baby bok choy sautéed with garlic and coconut aminos. Mashed sweet potatoes with herb goat cheese.

Posted 4 months ago

Really good Gluten Free BBQ sauce!

Posted 5 months ago

Delicata Squash Chicken Salad
Roasted some Delicata squash with chili powder and chopped up some left over chicken breast, and then mixed in a little mayo. Yum! Eaten with celery. For extra indulgence add some chopped bacon ;-)

Posted 6 months ago

Gluten Free Hamburger Helper
I had some gluten free bread & some left over ground beef that was seasoned with garlic, allspice, cinnamon, S & P. So, toasted the bread while making a roux with some beef tallow that was left over from making bone broth & some Bob’s Red Mill GF all purpose flour. I added the ground beef to the roux when it was done to warm it up & I put some Brie that was left over from a party on the toast & then topped it with the ground beef roux mixture. Surprisingly good. And it only took about 5 minutes. Needed a little comfort food after watching the Seattle Sounders lose the game 4 - 1 tonight (great seats though!).

Posted 6 months ago

Fried eggs & Japanese sweet potatoes with smoked paprika, S & P. I ate this for breakfast, but this would be good for dinner too with some sautéed greens.

Posted 6 months ago
I’ve been lazy & not cooking much lately, but also not feeling very well. So, tonight after my jog in the wind & rain, I sucked it up and went grocery shopping instead of just getting deli food & taking warm shower like I wanted to do. I saw the fennel, and thought to myself, hmm, roasted fennel, that’s thing right? It just sounded warm & cozy. So, I bought some, along with other real whole foods to make this week. There’s turkey breast and Japanese sweet potatoes in the oven for dinner tomorrow night.

Roasted fennel with garlic, S & P, in almond oil, topped with sliced almonds.
Cod season with mustard powder, tarragon, dill, S & P.